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God Of War Ragnarok - PlayStation Showcase 2021 Reveal Trailer | PS5


  • Diego García Mora
    Diego García MoraTimme sedan

    Did someone else notice how the deer´s antlers at the beginning also look like loki´s horns?

  • Francesco Rapanà
    Francesco RapanàTimme sedan


  • Parth Dave
    Parth DaveTimme sedan

    The Loki imagery is strong in this one!!

  • Adil 123etc
    Adil 123etcTimme sedan

    Imagine this comes out on ps4

  • Jacob


    Timme sedan

    It will, it’s been confirmed

  • Willhelm Landig
    Willhelm LandigTimme sedan

    Diversity in game not playing. Also disrespect for thor.

  • Creative pseudonym
    Creative pseudonym2 timmar sedan

    This trailer is like jazz. It's what they don't show that's got me intrigued.

    REINO DAS RAPOSA SCORVO2 timmar sedan

    pug of war

  • compas fans
    compas fans2 timmar sedan

    qye gran juego

  • Chloe Frazer
    Chloe Frazer3 timmar sedan

    I will be waiting to get a ps5 to play this game.

  • Red horse🍻
    Red horse🍻3 timmar sedan

    Can't wait 😁😁😁

  • Stamatis Zygas
    Stamatis Zygas4 timmar sedan

    I really want to see Kratos interact with Tyr, they're two sides of the same coin if you think about it.

  • John Chan
    John Chan5 timmar sedan

    I like how this trailer shows so much actual gameplay instead of just cutscenes like most trailers do.

  • Sarcastic Gamer
    Sarcastic Gamer5 timmar sedan

    Sony is getting rid of Ps4 Like An EX! come on include Ps4 on the title of the video along with Ps5🤯

  • B Bland

    B Bland

    3 timmar sedan

    No, ps4 is weak and holding back games

  • Frank Red
    Frank Red5 timmar sedan


  • ioannisdenton
    ioannisdenton6 timmar sedan

    very underwhelming

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi6 timmar sedan

    Alright. 1) Freya is freed. 2) Skoll and Hothi might be the wolves with that toboggan 3) TYRRRR?! 4) and this game is going to be the game of the century. That’s all.

  • Johnny manning

    Johnny manning

    2 timmar sedan

    Game of the year 2022 yeah and no it's not skoll and hothi, these are different wolves

  • Jharred Prince
    Jharred Prince6 timmar sedan

    Who will be new villain

  • Jacob


    Timme sedan

    Thor and Freya are confirmed to be villains in this game, Odin will likely be the overall main antagonist and final boss though

  • Jharred Prince
    Jharred Prince6 timmar sedan

    Is there skill

  • mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

    6 timmar sedan

    You Do Not Know, What Your Mother Wanted.

  • vicente anfossi
    vicente anfossi7 timmar sedan

    Glad they kept Mimir dude, perfect for the journey.

  • Grenade Play
    Grenade Play7 timmar sedan

    this better not only be for a console that people can't get their hands on

  • Jacob


    Timme sedan

    It’ll be on PS4 too

  • Ben10
    Ben107 timmar sedan

    Hey Kratos what does that say ? Read it BOI

  • Z
    Z7 timmar sedan

    Man it’s gonna be the same trope they are the reason ragnarok is going to happen

  • Mrunali Bhalerao
    Mrunali Bhalerao7 timmar sedan

    The bird in helheim should also be in the game 🪶

  • Santuu Salinas
    Santuu Salinas7 timmar sedan

    2:13 2:18

  • P
    P7 timmar sedan


  • Ghost Of Adana
    Ghost Of Adana8 timmar sedan

    Geliyor gönlümün efendisi

  • KIRBs Unboxing
    KIRBs Unboxing9 timmar sedan

    wow there gonna release this ps5 exclusive on ps4?

  • Robiro2007
    Robiro20079 timmar sedan

    Soooo exited

  • HAWKEYE studios
    HAWKEYE studios9 timmar sedan

    I love how they don’t show any major boss fights in the trailer.

  • dmc mh o
    dmc mh o9 timmar sedan

    Ninja theory is cool

  • dmc mh o
    dmc mh o9 timmar sedan

    Ninja theory is cool - Dante

  • Onetapman
    Onetapman10 timmar sedan

    It’s ok we will probably get the same troll re-skinned 8 times before we see thor for one fight 😂

  • Joey Starcher
    Joey Starcher10 timmar sedan

    This is gonna be a 10/10 no cap bro expectations might be low but this is gonna be a 10/10

  • Corrupt With Powers
    Corrupt With Powers10 timmar sedan

    You Do Not Know, What Your Mother Wanted.

  • Corrupt With Powers
    Corrupt With Powers10 timmar sedan

    Watch This For The 19th Time On The Loop

  • Daniel Habib
    Daniel Habib11 timmar sedan

    Kratos : war is not the only way Also Kratos when he was young : Lets kill all gods :)

  • Mogus


    10 timmar sedan


  • Isaias Palafox
    Isaias Palafox11 timmar sedan

    “You’ll get your answers soon enough. Well some of them…” Boy I hope so… 🤦🏻‍♂️😭

  • Olli hewison-robson
    Olli hewison-robson11 timmar sedan

    This whole comment section is basically ‘tell me you’re a racist without directly saying you’re a racist’

  • American Eagle

    American Eagle

    7 timmar sedan


  • Dizzy Allen
    Dizzy Allen12 timmar sedan

    Thor: are you a calm and reasonable person? Kratos: Thor Odinson, Protector of mankind, Rise and meet your fate, Ragnarok awaits.

  • Jake Evans
    Jake Evans12 timmar sedan

    So now that Atreus is a pubescent teen,… …is he still gonna jump on Kratos’ back like a spider monkey?

  • Caine Hulsey
    Caine Hulsey13 timmar sedan

    Looks great but gotta say something feels just slightly off... sadly probably wont be able to recreate a perfect narrative flow like the last one but hopefully that's just the scorned, bitter, pessimist I am.

    NONE TAKEN13 timmar sedan

    “Thor: Are you a calm and reasonable person” Kratos:…… Bro I’m literally covered in *ashes*

  • Bingze
    Bingze14 timmar sedan

    Imagine is african mythology, turning one of their myths into a white woman...

  • Alfin Rahman
    Alfin Rahman14 timmar sedan

    cant wait to watch the gameplay walkthorough

  • Saravana vikraman
    Saravana vikraman15 timmar sedan

    0:36 this is why he looks like "Tin Tin"😂🤔

  • john lacey
    john lacey15 timmar sedan

    Sony need to start making some games PS5 exclusive so we at least feel like it was worth all the effort to get one. To the layman it’s hard to tell the difference from PS4 pro when your sat six ft away from your tv, Aside from loading times. I’m tempted to sell my ps5 while it’s worth a lot and go back to the pro until they start to embrace the 5.

  • boys in the hood

    boys in the hood

    3 timmar sedan

    @Gamepass for the poor for spoken is releasing next year, plus all the ps exclusives will be a hundred times better on a ps5

  • Gamepass for the poor

    Gamepass for the poor

    3 timmar sedan

    @boys in the hood Those are years away and will probably be delayed at some point. Spiderman is pretty boring as well.

  • boys in the hood

    boys in the hood

    11 timmar sedan

    spider man 2, wolverine and for spoken

  • Gurjit Singh
    Gurjit Singh16 timmar sedan

    Release date?

  • farhan abu
    farhan abu16 timmar sedan

    just imagine if Chris Hemsworth acted as Thor in the game

  • fire brochill
    fire brochill16 timmar sedan

    i canttt waittttt :PP

  • The Joker
    The Joker17 timmar sedan

    i’m so hyped for this game!!!! who’s with me!?

  • KingArthurII
    KingArthurII17 timmar sedan

    Well here's another game I'm not gonna be able to play for about another 2 to 3 years because I'm not buying a playstation 5

  • Burlap Badger
    Burlap Badger18 timmar sedan

    I was hoping the trailer would have “Tell Me” by Dropping Daylight.

  • King of Monsters
    King of Monsters18 timmar sedan

    People complain about the girl but forget that Brok was blue 🤷‍♂️

  • Zipity Zap
    Zipity Zap18 timmar sedan

    “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ah” -song that play at the start of Thor Ragnarok

  • Sly Fly
    Sly Fly19 timmar sedan

    is there a blackies in nordic myth?

  • man man

    man man

    16 timmar sedan

    cry about it, racist

  • Salman - 09
    Salman - 0920 timmar sedan


  • IronTriggor
    IronTriggor21 timme sedan

    Is it just me or did they change brok's voice? I hope not

  • Jacob


    Timme sedan

    Nah, same voice actor

  • Perfecto Gaming
    Perfecto Gaming22 timmar sedan

    Nice race swapping 👎👎👎

  • Perfecto Gaming

    Perfecto Gaming

    6 timmar sedan

    @man man you’re not smart are you boy

  • man man

    man man

    16 timmar sedan

    cry about it, racist

  • Happy Fappy
    Happy Fappy22 timmar sedan

    Thor : Are you a calm and reasonable person? Kratos : Ask your sons, half brother and stepmom about that.

  • Ali moma
    Ali moma22 timmar sedan

    I wish there was a second trailer

  • blossom beauty
    blossom beauty22 timmar sedan

    When is this game coming out?

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo22 timmar sedan

    Yep, I'm still rewatching this trailer 😂😂

  • Sean Regan
    Sean Regan23 timmar sedan

    Aint no way boi. where do I gegt a ps5?

  • Joe Peña
    Joe Peña23 timmar sedan

    Can’t wait!!

  • Jackson Attilio
    Jackson AttilioDag sedan

    "Let it serve you." When he said "serve" he almost sounded British.

  • bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    22 timmar sedan

    That girl at the end looks like that girl in the polar express

  • Kaliss
    KalissDag sedan

    Keeping up the tradition of turning the redheads into token black girls I see.

  • Kaptain Kuba
    Kaptain KubaDag sedan

    Yep, I'm still rewatching this trailer 😂😂

  • God of War: Ragnarok

    God of War: Ragnarok

    5 timmar sedan

    Me too Kaptain, me too... 😂✋



    7 timmar sedan


  • Otávio


    8 timmar sedan

    The man himself...

  • Cyber Psycho

    Cyber Psycho

    13 timmar sedan

    Same, been watching this every day since the event



    13 timmar sedan

    Me too bud, me too

  • Son of Slav
    Son of SlavDag sedan

    It would be a nice touch to have Tyr and Mimir reminisce on old stories of them having fun with the Giants while on a boat or something like that.

  • Miguel Diaz
    Miguel DiazDag sedan

    Ever since this trailer dropped I can not stop watching this, the hype is real 🔥

  • Jo_ Josuke
    Jo_ JosukeDag sedan

    Put this on the ps4! 😩 idgaf if the graphics a lil blurry

  • Jacob


    Timme sedan

    It will be

  • Kristen Hall
    Kristen HallDag sedan

    I just now noticed Freya completely ignored the boy and went straight for Kratos. It seems her grudge is hyper focused on the man rather than the boy who told Kratos to help her.

  • Rene Ledome
    Rene LedomeDag sedan


  • Rosetard
    RosetardDag sedan


  • TheLotharx
    TheLotharxDag sedan

    Is that Josh Brolin as Thor?

  • Jacob


    Timme sedan


  • Pineapple zombie
    Pineapple zombieDag sedan

    What is love ? Baby don't hurt me

  • Pineapple zombie
    Pineapple zombieDag sedan

    I'm so so very very hype for this game

    MIKERODRIKEDag sedan

    "In moments of crisis, panic does nothing. Harness it. Let it serve you." Kratos

  • naveen krishna
    naveen krishnaDag sedan

    gta 6 not even one announcement since 2013 but gow already announced why rockstar why

  • Parkleylamin
    ParkleylaminDag sedan

    The game of all time is back

  • SoogaOfYigaClan
    SoogaOfYigaClanDag sedan

    That girl at the end looks like that girl in the polar express

  • ziege Z
    ziege ZDag sedan

    0:19 focus on the soundtrack This soundtrack used to play when kratos entered the room or something But here it plays when LOKI came in

  • Oak-a-Kola
    Oak-a-KolaDag sedan

    Release date?

  • John Malpractice, PHD
    John Malpractice, PHDDag sedan

    Looking forward to some more Dad of Boy

  • Yaagoub Yaagoubi
    Yaagoub YaagoubiDag sedan


  • Atlas
    AtlasDag sedan

    the ending is soo much cultural appropriation it's embarrassing.

  • man man

    man man

    16 timmar sedan

    cry about it, racist

  • Florian
    FlorianDag sedan

    that monster he had attacked on kratos was called ammit.

  • Nerdimity
    NerdimityDag sedan

    Everyday I come here,watch this,imagine what's gonna be in store,and then go to sleep.

  • WoKe
    WoKeDag sedan

    I will be coming back to this trailer every month until this game releases, my hype is unmeasured, not calm and not measurable

  • Toasty
    ToastyDag sedan

    "You seem like a calm and reasonable person.." *Spartan Rage Available*

  • Tecktonicjt
    TecktonicjtDag sedan

    End of trailer like: "Oh yeah by the way... Black Lives Matter Stop Asian Hate"

  • eddie balaj
    eddie balajDag sedan

    When does it come out?

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy KruegerDag sedan

    Angrboda, the ngg ia goddess

  • Spencer Green
    Spencer GreenDag sedan

    Love that alot of people on here are ragging on Thor saying that he should've stayed away from Kratos, but in the mythos Thor only ever loses 2 fights. One against the goddess of old age, a fight no one can win, and the other is his fight with the world serpent, which he technically wins before dieing to the serpent's venom.

  • William ****

    William ****

    3 timmar sedan

    In the Norse Mythology Thor had not encountered Kratos

  • Th 7
    Th 7Dag sedan

    lança logo porra

  • Bigonrock
    BigonrockDag sedan

    if only i could buy a ps5 like over a year and these scalpers are selling for like 1300$ its ridiculous

  • Right Way
    Right WayDag sedan

    اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على نبينا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم

  • Bigonrock
    BigonrockDag sedan

    go get me food boy *boy carrying a deer back* lol

  • Jess Mess
    Jess MessDag sedan

    Wow, it's the skin from Fortnite!! 😍 😍

  • in time studios
    in time studiosDag sedan

    Are u calm and resanable person? Ask this to olympians, aesir

  • scrubby ftw
    scrubby ftwDag sedan

    This dude is about 1050-1060 years old and he's still going strong, dudes a beast